Why GlitterMeter?

Blogs are personal opinions and we have no dearth of it around us. Nobody wants to know what you think unless you are a self-claimed expert at something, a psychologist or drop dead gorgeous. The author of GlitterMeter is none of the above. Mentioning the gender, age, nationality, work experience and background is inconsequential, and therefore excluded.

An anonymous soul on a voyage of self discovery, sharing personal experiences, mistakes and observations with anybody who stumbles upon this page. The posts on this page vary from marketing to finding happiness but the premise remains constant- “Everything depends on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances”.


The attempt to share fresh and honest perspective on things that may help in getting a small step closer to the journey inwards.

Why blame the darkness, crib and whine
When you can create your own sunshine
Love, laugh, share, learn and grow
Look within for some glitter & glow!


Your thoughts...

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